From the Sacramento Bee:

Years before California registered methyl iodide it had already been used safely on many thousands of acres on real farms. And methyl iodide's use in these real-life scenarios has not harmed human health or the environment.

As children, Aesop's fable taught us it's not right to "cry wolf" when no danger is present. But that's exactly what activists and the media are doing by distorting the facts around methyl iodide's proven track record of safety. In doing so, they are damaging agriculture, an industry vital to California's present and future.

Methyl iodide is not one of the most toxic chemicals on Earth. Sunbathers in Southern California today will breathe in small amounts of methyl iodide because it is naturally occurring and produced by marine algae.

The international agency that researches cancer does not classify methyl iodide as a carcinogen.

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