A group of corn refiners asked a federal judge in Los Angeles to dismiss claims brought by the processed sugar industry based on statements made by the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), the companies' trade association. An earlier version of these same claims was already dismissed by the court in October 2011.

CRA president, Audrae Erickson, said the processed sugar industry's attempt to hold the individual companies liable for CRA's statements is "unprecedented." Erickson added that the CRA is attempting to inform consumers about an important public health issue and that it is wrong for the processed sugar industry to attempt to stifle this educational campaign.

"The Court was obviously well prepared and asked excellent questions of both sides," Erickson said, after a hearing on the companies' motion. "We look forward to the Court's ruling."

The processed sugar industry has also brought claims against the CRA, and those claims will proceed to the discovery phase, Erickson said. "We will vigorously defend those claims, which we believe are completely without merit," Erickson said.

The case is pending in a Los Angeles federal court.