Assemblywoman Beth Gaines (R-Rocklin) has introduced AB 1969 to stop government over-regulation. The bill is sponsored by Small Business Revolution, a collection of small business leaders whose sole focus is making California the best place in America to do business again.

“Businesses are folding every day and others are leaving because of the extremely high regulatory burden in California,” Gaines said. “As our state continues to lose jobs, it’s imperative that the Legislature do more to make our state more competitive. State government needs to stop imposing over-reaching regulations are driving up costs and driving jobs away.” “Despite the importance of small business to the state and national economies, the future success of small business is threatened by ever-expanding government invasiveness,” said Marty Keller, CEO of Small Business Revolution and former state Small Business Advocate.

AB 1969 would prevent all new regulations from being adopted by government agencies effective January 1, 2013 until January 1, 2015.

During those two years, no new government regulations would be allowed unless specifically allowed by both houses of the Legislature and the Governor.

“As a small business owner myself, I know firsthand how expensive and difficult it is complying with regulation after regulation just to keep my doors open, Gaines said. “We need government to get out the way and stop wasting individuals’ time that could be better spent on the growth and success of their business.” “Every day ten pages of new state regulations hit the streets,” said Keller. “Complying with existing government mandates is tough enough for small businesses, but coping with regulations that keep coming and coming without let-up is especially difficult for very small businesses.

Various state agencies submit thousands of pages of new regulations through the State Office of Administrative Law each year governing the way Californians and their businesses are expected to comply with laws established by the Legislature. These rules are established by regulatory agencies but and are usually not reviewed by elected legislators.

The mission of Small Business Revolution is unite the voice of California’s 3.5 million small businesses to elect state leaders who will make California the Number One business-friendly state in America. Small business owners and supporters that want to join this movement may do so at its website,