Dear Editor:

I am both a farmer and physician, a dubious honor in these times of burdensome government over-regulation. I wish to compliment you on the excellent series of articles on water quality and nutrients in your June 2 edition.

(Groundwater nitrate issue dumped in agriculture’s lap and
CCA role grows in era of regulations

Close reading of these demonstrates that the bureaucracy has overlooked true science and scientific method by using incomplete and extrapolated data and the complete politicization of science for their own politically correct agendas. They fail to see the true bottom line of the irrational imposition of draconian fees on agriculture: inflation of food prices on the consumer.

The farmer has two choices to deal with increased costs: increase the price or go out of business.

Sincerely, Aldis Baltins MD; Viticulturist and Orthopedic Surgeon; Ukiah, California