We have joined with other groups today, to let President Obama, Vice President Biden and the majority leadership know that we reject disproportionate cuts to agriculture and conservation programs in order to address America’s federal budget woes,” said Jon Scholl, president of American Farmland Trust (AFT). 

“Collectively, our organizations represent millions of Americans concerned not only about the financial health of our nation,” Scholl continued. “But who have equal concern about agriculture’s ability to protect our natural resources, provide healthy food to a growing world population, and address serious environmental concerns.”

Scholl and others believe that cuts proposed through the Biden Budget Group and Congressional appropriations processes may, in fact, wreak havoc with key programs individually, and disproportionately affect the agriculture sector as a whole.

“Balancing any budget and reducing an outstanding debt is tough work,” adds Scholl “Today, we’re challenging the leadership to step back and consider the effect of their decisions on the health of agriculture, our environment and national security.”

There’s an analogy, Scholl says. He describes the game Kerplunk, where you have a tower of sticks and marbles, and each player chooses a stick to remove. To win, you must not choose the stick that causes the marbles to fall.

“Our leaders must work to keep agriculture productive and secure,” Scholl concludes. “This must be our top priority for the future of our nation.”