The Labor Department announced in a statement that it was withdrawing proposed rules that would have prevented many young people from working in agriculture.

Arizona Farm Bureau President Kevin Rogers is encouraged by the administration's decision. "We applaud the administration's decision to withdraw the rules so that our next generation can learn to farm," says Rogers.

Arizona Farm Bureau, along with American Farm Bureau, will continue working on behalf of its members to ensure that the parental exemptions that remain important to agriculture will be protected, in addition to helping educate families about the importance of farm safety through its Safety Committee programs. This issue is of ongoing important since more than 97% of America's farms are family owned.

"We had members from across Arizona call their Washington delegation to ask for common sense in the Labor Department's proposed rules," says Rogers. "It's heartening to see the process still can work and our farmers' and ranchers' voices were heard. The family unit will be able to function in business as many of our families do and family-owned businesses across the country traditionally do."

Arizona Farm Bureau sent out an alert to its agriculture membership during the Labor Department's rule making process asking members to let their voices be heard. "It's a win for the youth in America too who maybe did not grow up on a farm but have an opportunity to participate in 4-H and FFA, two of our most valuable youth organizations. Yesterday's decision was a win for family farms and a win for common sense."