Exilis Plus, a cytokinin-based plant growth regulator, is now registered in California for post-bloom thinning and increasing the fruit size of apples and pears.

“North American fruit growers have been relying on Exilis Plus as a post-bloom thinning and sizing agent on apples and pears,” states Greg Johnson, vice-president of sales and marketing for Fine Americas.

“We are extremely pleased to provide California growers with a new harvest management tool.”

“Independent research has demonstrated excellent results with Exilis Plus on apples and pears,” confirms Kevin Forney, Fine's Technical Services Manager.

“This product is not only an effective post-bloom thinner, it also promotes fruit growth above and beyond the direct thinning effect, resulting in better pack-out as compared to traditional thinners.”

For further information on Exilis Plus or any of Fine's PGRs and distributors, call 1-888-474-3463, or visit www.fine-americas.com.