Landowner John Manners has seen more combine harvesters than any farmer in the country - after hoarding 350 of the machines for parts.

Mr Manners, has amassed the staggering collection of agricultural vehicles so he can break them down and sell on the parts, and his huge haul is now so large it is visible on Google Earth's satellite cameras.

The enterprising farmer, 69, runs his business from Battle Bridge Farm near Alnwick, Northumberland, having started it when he was hunting for wheels for his digger.

He started his sideline with just one vehicle, an ageing MF 500 combing, but his business has grown with the combines taking up acres of land.

Mr Manners, who has run the farm where he lives with wife Ann, 65, since 1968, said: “It all started when I got a price for new tires for a digger. I found I could buy an old combine for less and get the tires off that. Then somebody wanted its engine so I sold that.”

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