On a star-studded evening filled with celebrities, athletes, and top fashion industry executives, the Supima cotton marketing association, based in Phoenix, Ariz., received the American Image Award for Premium Fiber Branding from the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA).

The AAFA awards honor excellence in the U.S. apparel and footwear industry.

Accepting the award for Supima was President Jesse Curlee.

“Supima is a very special cotton fiber,” Curlee told the crowd.

“Only 2 percent of the cotton grown in America can be called Supima. That’s why we made a commitment some years ago to make Supima a brand that would add value throughout the supply chain, including the consumer.”

Curlee thanked those who have helped build the Supima brand - from its board of directors to the U.S. cotton growers which grow the cotton - and to the premium brands and retailers who use Supima.

Curlee added, “Any success we have had at branding Supima wouldn’t have been possible without their loyal support. A very special thank you to this group.”

The honorees received fashionable dress form-shaped award statuettes styled in custom knit dresses designed by award-winning knitwear designer Linda Burhance.

The Supima brand, founded in 1954, designates an elite variety of Pima cotton grown only in California and the Southwestern U.S. It is prized the world over by designers and retailers who value its luster, strength, and softness.

Actress Marlee Matlin presented the award to Curlee and the other winners.