In its December crop report, USDA projects the 2010-11 US cotton crop to be 18.27 million bales, down about 150,000 bales from its November report. Upland production was estimated at 17.77 million bales and extra-long staple (ELS) production at 498,000 bales. Harvested area was estimated at 10.77 million acres, implying an abandonment rate of 2.40 percent. The national average yield per harvested acre was estimated to be 814 pounds, 12 pounds less than the five-year average.

Upland production in the West is projected at 1.08 million bales with an estimated harvested area of 359,000 acres and a regional average yield of 1,437 pounds, 87 pounds higher than the region’s five-year average.

The ELS crop is an estimated 498,000 bales. Harvested area is pegged at 207,000 acres with an average yield of 1,154 pounds per harvested acre.

The Southwest upland crop is estimated at 8.56 million bales. Expected harvested area is 5.71 million acres and the regional average yield is 719 pounds, four pounds above the region’s five-year average of 715 pounds per harvested acre.

In the Mid-South, expected production is 3.90 million bales. Harvested area is estimated to be 1.91 million acres with an expected yield of 979 pounds per harvested acre.

The Southeast crop is estimated at 4.24 million bales on 2.58 million harvested acres and a regional average yield of 787 pounds, five pounds lower than the region’s five-year average.

State-level estimates are included in the accompanying table.