In its June acreage report, USDA estimated 2011 US cotton plantings at 13.73 million acres, up 25.1 percent from 2010. Upland planted area is estimated to have increased 24.8 percent to 13.44 million acres. Extra-long staple (ELS) cotton producers planted 289,000 acres, up 41.5 percent from 2010. USDA’s June number is up 1.16 million acres from their initial 2011 estimate released in March.

On a regional basis, estimated upland area in the West is up 36.2 percent to 500,000 acres. Producers in Californiaare estimated to increase plantings 53.2 percent to 190,000 acres while Arizonais expected to climb to 250,000 acres (28.2 percent). New Mexicois up 25.0 percent to 60,000 acres.

USDA estimates ELS plantings of 289,000 acres, up 41.5 percent from 2010. ELS acres are up in all states except Texas,which is down 11.8 percent to 15,000 acres.

In the Southwest, estimated upland area is up 26.9 percent to 7.47 million acres. USDA estimates that the largest increase in actual cotton acres will occur in Texas, up 1.55 million acres (+27.9 percent) from the previous year. Kansaswill see the largest percentage increase with an estimated 68,000 acres, up 33.3 percent from the previous year. Oklahomais expected to increase 15,000 to 300,000 acres (5.3 percent).

Planted acres are expected to climb to 2.33 million acres in the Mid-South, up 21.4 percent from the previous year. With an estimated 600,000 acres, Mississippi(+42.9 percent) leads the region in greatest percentage increase while Arkansashas the most acres planted with an estimated 650,000 acres (+19.3 percent). Tennessee(+17.9 percent) will plant an additional 70,000 acres bringing their 2011 estimate to 460,000 acres. Missouri (+9.7 percent) is expected to plant 340,000 acres while Louisiana(+9.8 percent)plantings are estimated at 280,000 acres.

Upland area in the Southeast is up 20.8 percent to 3.14 million acres. All states saw an increase in terms of planted acres with the largest percentage increase in Virginia, up 38.6 percent to 115,000 acres, followed by North Carolina(+38.2 percent), South Carolina(+33.7 percent), and Alabama(+32.4 percent). Georgialeads all of that region’s states in acres planted with an estimated 1.45 million, up 9.0 percent from 2010.