From BEEF:

The animal rights movement is quickly gaining momentum in the U.S. and around the world. According to Dennis Foster, executive director of the Masters of the Foxhounds Association and an internationally renowned expert on the radical agenda of animal rights organizations worldwide, “The animal rights agenda is an international movement. The same groups who are attacking ranchers in the U.S. are doing the same things to producers around the world. They may be under different names, but it’s the same group with the same tactics.”

 So, what are producers supposed to do about it? Foster offered up his solutions at the Summit of the Horse 2011 on Jan. 3-6 in Las Vegas, NV. I think you might be interested in what he had to say.

“We represent healthy animals; we take care of our animals; that’s just what we do. We have a responsibility to animals, and we realize man is responsible for imbalances in nature and animals. The influence of animal rights groups doesn’t lead to healthy animals. They change the rules, and it makes animals suffer,” says Foster.

Activists Change Rules And Make Animals Suffer, Says Expert