The University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) recently published the brand new Prune Production Manual. Designed for commercial growers, this is one of the most comprehensive field application guides for prune growers around the world. With contributions from more than 40 UC Cooperative Extension professionals, UC faculty, USDA scientists, and highly skilled prune industry experts, this book contains the professionalism, expertise and science-based answers you’ve come to expect from the University of California. This manual has been peer-reviewed and technically edited by Richard Buchner, UCCE Farm Advisor in Tehama County, California specializing in pomology. 

Chapters include an industry overview, a detailed description of prune biology, information on understanding soils, varieties, irrigation and fertilization, pest management techniques, and a lesson on harvest and postharvest management. The more than 320 pages of the manual, along with the more than 300 photos and 56 color illustrations, offer a wealth of expertise and knowledge.

More information about this manual as well as a promotional video is available at The new Prune Production Manual is available for ordering online for $45. Volumes discounts apply. To order, visit the website above or call 1-800-994-8849.