“With a clear focus on how it can best serve the needs of its members, customers and consumers, the California Pear Advisory Board recently underwent a restructuring,” said Zanobini noting that the result is a “new” California Pear Board.
“As it always has, the Pear Board will continue to conduct production research and build on the industry’s efforts to foster environmentally-sound farming practices,” said Zanobini.

“The Board will also provide marketing and category management research and will maintain its consumer education activities and public relations programs.  This means that projects like the “Pears Care” breast cancer awareness campaign begun last year in conjunction with Susan G. Komen for the Cure will continue to be funded and supported.”

However, Zanobini explained that the Pear Board will no longer employ a merchandising staff or directly fund in-store retail features. “This job will be left to the marketing professionals within the industry primarily because they are best suited for this activity,” Zanobini explained, noting that behind the scenes individual pear shippers and their customers will have the resources and support of the California Pear Advisory Board at their disposal.

The new California Pear Board will also take up the issue of sustainability in the coming months. “An assessment of our pear farms has verified a very high percentage have adopted innovative and environmentally-friendly farming practices,” said Zanobini.  “In fact, we have a wonderful story to tell about our efforts to achieve sustainability that is important for our customers to know.”
In fact, Zanobini concluded that “sustainable” is a word that perfectly describes the California pear industry.

“The California Pear Advisory Board is one of the oldest commodity boards in the country,” he said.  “Many of our farming families have been growing pears since the very beginnings of the fruit industry in California and they are still supplying pears today.”

For more information about the California Pear Advisory Board and this year’s crop of fresh pears, please contact them at (916) 441-0432.