From the NYT:

Like so many residents here, Martin Koning-Bastiaan grows citrus in his yard: lemons and limes, almost a dozen varieties of oranges, and grapefruit trees that are about 100 years old.

Citrus is an iconic part of California life. By some estimates, up to 70 percent of homeowners in the state have at least one citrus tree on their property. Up and down residential streets in this area northeast of Los Angeles, most homes boast an orange or lemon tree, the fruit so plentiful it spills over fences and onto the sidewalks.

But all of these trees are now in danger.

“This is part of California’s heritage, part of the California experience. People have citrus on their properties, and they feel passionately about it,” said Steve Lyle, a spokesman for the California Department of Food and Agriculture. “The risk to that is significant.”

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