The California Crop Weather report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Sacramento, Calif., for the week of Nov. 30.


At the start of the week of Nov. 30, cool and dry conditions were prevalent across California as a high pressure area remained offshore and a cool air mass lay over the state.

A series of weak weather systems moved across California spreading relatively light precipitation across the north. In the south, a very dry offshore flow brought warm and dry conditions by midweek. By Friday, a weak cold front stalled over Northern California spreading light showers and cool temperatures statewide.

By late Saturday, the front finally strengthened as a low pressure trough moved closer to the shore and brought heavier showers. The heaviest precipitation of the week occurred Sunday night as the front pushed through.

Field crops

Wet weather slowed field work but helped establish winter grain crops including winter wheat, barley, and oats.

The cotton harvest continued as fields were ready while harvested fields were shredded and plowed under. The corn for grain harvest continued to wind down.

Alfalfa production for the season was mostly complete. New alfalfa fields were planted for next season. Tillage, fertilizer application, and planting continued as field conditions allowed.

Fruit crops

Pruning and other maintenance continued in orchards and vineyards as allowed after recent storms. The fall grape harvest came to a close.

The Navel orange and mandarin harvests continued in the San Joaquin Valley. The lemon, pummelo, and grapefruit harvests continued in the desert region. The olive harvest also continued. Kiwifruit was harvested.

Nut crops

Almond pruning and orchard removal were underway in the Central Valley. Orchard maintenance occurred as field conditions allowed.

Vegetable crops

Frost cut off the fall sweet corn harvest in Imperial County. The planting of winter vegetables continued in Fresno County with good weather reported for all vegetables. The radicchio harvest continued in Merced County. Field work and ground preparation continued in onions and carrots in fields in Sutter County.