Most people today are at least five generations removed from the farm. That means more often than not, today’s youth do not understand where their food comes from or how it is grown and raised.

Many do not even realize how much they rely on agriculture for food, clothing, and even fuel.

The California Foundation’s Ag in the Classroom program is designed to bring the farms and ranches of California to the classroom, giving children an opportunity to learn about agriculture in the state. The Almond Board of California (ABC) participates in this program to educate thousands of students each year about the life cycle and end uses of almonds.

From presentations to interactive video, ABC is committed to teaching the next generation about the importance of the almond industry - and agriculture as a whole - to the State of California and its residents.

Today’s consumers are conscious of many factors that help drive their food purchasing decisions - nutritional attributes, growing practices and costs - just to name a few. Combine this with the children of today, who are always watching - watching what products make it into the grocery basket, watching food be prepared, and watching how money is spent - and together, you have very educated and powerful consumers for today and for tomorrow.

By educating children in a fun and exciting way, they learn the benefits of consuming California almonds, and how - through snacking, main entrées, and dessert items - families can lead an active life and enjoy the powerful crunch of almonds.