The Ag Warriors program, launched during the 2012 during World Ag Expo by the International Agri-Center (IAC), will continue to grow through

Ag Warriors helps veterans with training and career development in various fields in the agricultural industry. is an online career site and human resource service provider for agriculture, biotechnology, food, and natural resources.

IAC Chief Executive Officer Jerry Sinift says the Ag Warriors program has grown exponentially over the last year. Ag is a highly respected entity in the agricultural industry and will have the IAC’s full support to continue serving veterans.

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Based in Clinton, N.C., helps job seekers and employers through its offices in California, Iowa, and Ontario, Canada.

Ag President Eric Spell is excited “to open the door for employers and veterans” to connect veterans within the agribusiness and food industries. Spell calls the program a way to honor veterans’ service and help in taking the next steps to career success.

The program was announced by President George W. Bush during the 2012 World Ag Expo.

For veterans and employers interested in the Ag Warriors program, contact Erika Osmundson at (800) 672-8552, Ext. 28, or

To learn more about Ag Warriors on the website, click this link.

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