Arizona Farm Bureau

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed air quality regulations on the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in Page, Ariz., are the latest example of the Obama administration’s war on coal, says Arizona Farm Bureau President Kevin Rogers.

EPA recently decided to move ahead with stricter pollution control standards at the NGS, citing pollution from the plant is seen at national monuments including the Grand Canyon.

“EPA claims the proposal is flexible and to be phased in,” Rogers said.

“Flexible or not, this new requirement is designed to drive up the cost of coal-produced electricity to make this administration's support of alternative sources of electricity look more economically viable.”

Rogers says Arizona agriculture and a large portion of the state’s population served by the Central Arizona Project have a large stake in EPA’s new regulations on the NGS.

The $1 billion in extra costs, the farm leader says, would be borne by farmers, businesses, and home owners. The cost will not improve the visibility at the Grand Canyon to the human eye.

According to Rogers, farmers will submit comments on the new regulation along with those who look for a balance to protect the environment between a growing economy with the creation of jobs, and extreme regulations driven by environmental, no-growth and alternative energy special interest groups.