1. Starbucks Bought the Farm

Every year Starbucks buys over 500 million pounds of unroasted coffee beans (3 percent of global supply), and last year bought a 600-acre coffee farm in Costa Rica to experiment with growing its own beans. (Businessweek)

2. When Nuts Outsell Houses

The math is not complicated: When housing lots are selling for $10,000 per acre, and potential walnut acreage is going for $15,000 per acre (not to mention established walnut ground at $25,000 per acre), the choice to plant, rather than build, is easy to understand. (Sacramento Bee)

3. Organic or Conventional … Maybe Both

Pay what you will for fruits and vegetables, it’s thankfully a free market, but organic claims don’t always measure up. (Slate)

4. The Vanishing Lakes

It’s not just the Dead Sea or Aral Sea … more of the disappearing lakes. (Smithsonian)

5. One Man Feeding Multitudes

“As a man soweth, so shall he reap,” is printed on his business cards and Jacko Garrett backs his beliefs with action. Garrett, a 70-year-old Texas farmer, has donated 6 million pounds of rice to charity. (Houstonia)