The University of Arizona is hosting a workshop entitled “Melon Insect Losses” for melon growers and pest control advisors (PCAs) in Yuma, Ariz. and Imperial Valley, Calif. on July 2 at the Cooperative Extension auditorium in Yuma.

“This is an interactive exercise for growers, PCAs, and industry representatives from Arizona and California to quantify melon insect losses during the ‘06-’07 growing season by completing a survey and reviewing the outcomes of previous surveys,” said Kurt Nolte, Yuma County extension agent.

The workshop will be held from noon to 3:30 p.m.

The survey will focus on the following areas:

Melon production;

What is an “idealized” potential average yield?;

Defining yields relative to dynamic market forces;

What are insect losses?;

Overall losses due to non-insect pests and other stressors;

Planted, infested, and treated acres;

Interpreting insecticide usage in the context of the questionnaire;

and Insecticide costs.

Questionnaires completed by PCAs will be done anonymously to ensure confidentiality.

For more workshop information, call (928) 782-3836.