Lau and Ketchner talk about “leveraging” the wealth of information the ABC has collected over the years and the benefits reaped through the incredible amount of positive press as the organization continues its full-court marketing press.

For Talbot, gaining “super-food” status and successfully infiltrated pop culture through the likes of Dr. Oz, Oprah and others is not enough. Neither is the “first-mover” status the ABC gained early on with its emphasis on research.

For Ketchner, the next move has already begun.

A new campaign to put almonds in the context of the kind of life people want to lead began recently under the new “crunch on” slogan. Those commercials can be seen on YouTube.

“We want to show people that there’s power in the crunch of almonds,” Ketchner said. “We want to encourage them every day in every way to crunch almonds.”

All this and more will remain important as California’s bearing acreages of almonds continues to increase and growers become more effective at producing higher-yielding crops, forcing the almond board into the position of consistently having to market crops in excess of two billion pounds.


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