Selected key data in CAPI's report

1. Importance of beef sector

The Canadian beef industry generates over $6 billion in farm gate sales (2011) and represents some 15% of the value of agricultural production.

2. Declining beef trade balance

In 2011, Canada's trade balance in terms of value was $42 million, falling from $1.4 billion in 2002.

3. Domestic beef supply

Canada supplies some 75% of its own market's beef. This number has fallen from 87% in 2005 as imports - from the US - have risen.

4. Differences in the value of the Canada-US beef trade

Canada's beef exports to the US are only 60% of the value of US beef exports to Canada. In 2011, Canadian exports of beef to the US averaged $3.74/kg whereas average beef imports from the US were $6.55/kg.

5. US beef exports beyond Canada vs. Canada beef exports beyond US

US beef exports beyond Canada are up 280% on a value basis since 2005; whereas Canadian exports beyond the US are up 45%. Since 2002, Canada's exports to international markets other than the US were down 3.5% while the US beef industry increased exports to the international market by 51% (excluding shipments to Canada).

6. Importance of US market

On average, 85% of Canada's beef and live cattle exports are destined to one country, the US. On a five year average (2007-2011), Canadian beef and cattle sales to the US were some $2.2 billion (and a combined total of $1.8 billion in 2011).

7. Diversifying export markets

In 2011, 74% of Canada's beef exports (quantity) went to the United States, representing 72% of the total value of Canadian beef exports. In 2002, 78% of Canadian beef exports (quantity) went to the US, representing 83% of the total value.

8. Canada's cow herd

anada's cow herd has declined by 1 million head or 20% since 2005.

9. Beef consumption (Canada)

Per capita beef consumption has declined 10.7% since 2001 and now totals 27.5 kg/capita (carcass equivalent). Pork consumption over that time period has declined by 28% while poultry (chicken, hen and turkey) consumption has increased 3.4%.

10. Beef consumption (globally)

Global poultry consumption has increased 10.3% over the last three years (2008-2011) while beef consumption has declined 3.5%. Among OECD countries, beef consumption is declining. But, among non-OECD countries, consumption is rising.