The American Sugar Alliance (ASA) continues to put Big Candy’s profit margins under the microscope, unveiling a new advertising campaign that compares confectioners’ earnings to that of casinos, major oil companies, defense contractors, health care plans, and automakers – with big candy coming out on top every time.

The multi-page advertisement, which appeared in an issue of The Hill, notes that according to Yahoo!Finance, Big Candy’s profits are 7 percent higher than resorts and casinos, 35 percent higher than major oil companies, 49 percent higher than aerospace/defense companies, 137 percent higher than health care plans, and a whopping 270 percent higher than major automakers.

Despite its success, the candy industry continues to poor-mouth and has sent lobbyists to Capitol Hill to urge lawmakers to weaken U.S. sugar policy.  This, supporters of sugar policy note, would leave the country dependent on unreliable, subsidized foreign sugar producers.

“Big Candy has quietly gotten rich on the backs of farmers and American workers,” the ads state. “Now they’re lobbying Congress to bankrupt farms and outsource sugar jobs so they can pocket a few extra pennies a pound.”

The new advertising effort will sort fact from fiction and highlight the importance of continuing America’s no-cost sugar policy as Congress debates the farm bill.