From the Sacramento Bee:

Carol Scheiber's calves will go to market sooner than he'd like. Nick Greco's rice fields won't be planted. And Joe Mevorah's horses aren't getting washed.

They are Placer County agricultural water users having to deal with the localized water emergency.

"I have probably 100 acres of irrigated pastures that will go dry," said Scheiber, the third of five generations of Scheibers grazing cattle on the family land since 1918.

Unable to irrigate the pasture, Scheiber will be forced to buy hay and forced to sell the calves sooner – for less money.

A quick estimate of the lost agricultural revenue in Placer County comes to $10 million, said Josh Huntsinger, county agriculture commissioner. That estimate is limited to farmers who won't plant as a result of the water shortage, not agricultural users who will see a diminished yield.

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