From the New York Daily News:

Get ready for a smelly summer.

The brown-marmorated stink bug, which tends to emerge as the weather heats up, can now be found in a whopping 38 states and has even reached the shores of the West Coast.

The rapid growth of the bug, native to Asia, is putting pressure on the Agriculture Department to find an assassin for the pesky invader, which is responsible for destroying apple, peach and grape harvests across the East Coast.

A potential killer, however, may soon be in reach.

The 2012 Farm Bill, awaiting approval by the Senate, contains an allocation of $831,000 to fund efforts to find a way to control the smelly pests, which get their name for the particulary pungent odor they release when squashed or irritated.

Agriculturalists are looking into using a tiny Chinese bee to keep the stink bug population in check. The bee lays its eggs in the stink bugs eggs and kills them, according to the Washington Examiner.

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