At this writing, to purchase the program ranges from $179 (Level 1) to $300 (Levels 1 & 2) to $450 (Levels 1 through 5). Learners keep use of the main software and MP3s, but the online materials require a subscription after the first three months have expired. To extend the learning process through the online features, such as the TOTALe Companion, the online classroom and games, it costs $25 for one month, $49 for three months, $75 for six months, and $99 for 9 months. If a person takes advantage of one class per week for a month, the cost turns out to be equivalent to $6.25 for each fifty minute class. At the same study rate, if and individual signs up for the 9 month program, it comes to about $2.5 per class. There is no limit, of course, to the number of classes we can take.  

Summary. The newest version of Rosetta Stone with the various TOTALe components provides a powerhouse of learning opportunities. The traditional software helps learners pick up vocabulary and grammar naturally, the way we picked up our native tongue. The various TOTALe components provide lots of motivation as we make our way through the difficult process of learning a new language. I was impressed by the people who work for Rosetta Stone, from the people giving the introductory talk that explains the various learning options, to the invaluable asset that Rosetta Stone provides through their effective and positive teaching style and committed instructors. Learning a new language has never been easier, but it still takes effort and commient.

Gregorio Billikopf is a labor management farm advisor for the University of California. He may be reached at