Risk Management Guide for Organic Producers is a free online manual and website that will help farmers understand the risks in organic production and make choices that minimize those risks.

The 14 chapters of this manual cover a wide range of production topics that are relevant to organic farmers while integrating recent organic research and tips from local experienced organic farmers. Subjects covered include: Rotation; Soil Health and Fertility; Weed Biology and Management; Weed Profiles; Transitioning; Corn, Soybean, Small Grains and Forage Production; Winter Cover Crops; and Alternative Crops. The website also includes a link to interactive quizzes that producers can take to gauge their risk level in various areas of organic production.

Whether you are an experienced producer, one who is transitioning, or someone considering organic farming, learn more about this publication by visiting http://www.organicriskmanagement.umn.edu/.

Risk Management Guide for Organic Producers is a publication developed by the University of Minnesota with funding from the USDA’s Risk Management Agency and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.