How much do the rigs cost?

Prostko said the numbers may vary a bit, but says the following prices are close:

• 20-foot Weed Wiper + gauge wheels + 40 gallon tank = $6,800

• 20-foot Wickmaster = $5,500

• 6-Row (18-foot) LMC-Cross Wick Bar = $6,225

• 15-foot front-mount, pump-fed, TopCrop Super Sponge Weed Wiper = $1,995

“The TopCrop Super Sponge Weed Wiper has the lowest price tag. But I have some concerns about its ability to withstand some of the larger pigweeds we see. I have to wonder how that implement will stand up when dealing with large plants.”


So what are the benefits of using an NSA?

First, particularly in soybeans, is improved harvest efficiency.

Second, NSAs allow improved fungicide application. “I spend most of my time working on peanuts. Not having those pigweeds when applying a fungicide is certainly beneficial.

“But probably the most important thing we’d do with these applicators is managing the weed seed. We tell Georgia growers that they must think about the weed seed bank. This is where I think the greatest effect of the NSAs comes in.”

Is an NSA cheaper than hand-weeding? “We have growers in Georgia spending upwards of $100 per acre to hand-weed. That isn’t sustainable.

“From what I’ve been told by some of the growers who are using these rigs, they use, roughly, a quart of solution per acre. If half of that is Gramoxone Inteon, that’s only $4 in product cost.”