In both spreadsheets the farmer will enter data such as corn price per bushel, silage yield per acre or estimated grain yield, percent of corn silage dry matter, harvest/hauling/storage cost and the estimated amount of shrinkage during storage. Results appear as cost of corn silage value per ton and the final cost of silage to producer.

"There are default values built into the calculator, or a silage producer can adjust the values according to what they save in harvesting, drying and storage costs," Nennich said. "The dairy producer can make adjustments on what their cost would be to haul and harvest the corn silage themselves, so that they can see how that affects the final silage price at feeding."

Nennich hopes silage producers and their dairy producer customers do the calculations together. "It can help them arrive at a mutual agreement for corn silage," she said.

Determining a Value for Corn Silageis co-authored by Kern Hendrix, a retired Purdue Extension cattle specialist. The publication is among a series of five new dairy management publications written or co-written by Nennich. All are free for download. Others include:

* Feeding Distillers Grain to Young Dairy Heifers (AS-609-W) -

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