“Controlling feral hogs in Texas is going to take much more than just hunting them,” Higginbotham said. “Hunting represents a very small control effort. The feral hog problem has grown to a crisis level and the only way to effectively control it is through a process of property owners taking an active role in management efforts.”

Snaring/trapping and aerial and ground gunning remain the best methods of controlling feral hog populations, but experts warn understanding how to properly use traps and snares is critical.

“They learn to avoid danger very quickly and half-hearted attempts to control them just make them less susceptible to future control efforts, and controlling the population of feral pigs is our only hope, for the problem is so great there is no hope of eradication” Higginbotham warns.


  • Damage from feral hogs in Texas tops $52 million.
  • They are known to be territorial.
  • Can damage peach and pecan trees.
  • Increase in numbers each year by as much as 20 percent.
  • Are intelligent, crafty animals.


  • Will aggressively attack humans (most attacks are coincidental).
  • Spread swine flu.
  • Are near impossible to kill.
  • Double in population every year.