Since the February Daytona 500, Americans with questions about ethanol's performance characteristics have been getting answers at NASCAR races nationwide. Every driver from Dale Jr. to Clint Bowyer, in all three NASCAR racing series has been running on a 15 percent ethanol blend. Today, NASCAR confirmed what millions of viewers have seen by officially announcing mid-level ethanol blends have now demonstrated their high-performance for more than 1 million driving miles. Considered by most America's toughest proving grounds, E15 has proven its fuel quality in the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck series by maintaining high levels of performance while consistently providing normal mileage.

"Ethanol is an agricultural success story. It is an American success story. Now, it is a NASCAR success story too," said Michigan Corn Growers Association President and National Corn Growers Association Ethanol Committee Member Jeff Sandborn as he joined NASCAR to announce the study findings. "Jobs, less air pollution and reduced dependence on oil imports are all good reasons to use more ethanol. But first and foremost, consumers must be comfortable that it will perform well in their car. I can't imagine a better way to build that consumer confidence than having it track-tested by NASCAR."

The 'white paper,' "One Million Competition Miles on Sunoco Green E15" report, contains concrete data verifying E15's qualities as a fuel and substantiating these conclusions. With more than 1.3 million miles accumulated in practice, qualifying and racing laps in NASCAR racing vehicles, the report relies on a broad set of meticulously collected data. With everyone involved in this sport, from crew chiefs to fans, watching engine performance and mileage, no issue with E15 has emerged.

Additionally, drivers and crew chiefs have reported seeing a boost in horsepower related to ethanol because of its higher octane rating.