From the Maine Sun Journal:

The blueberry barrens of Down East Maine are literally buzzing this weekend with anticipation of a bumper crop of wild bush blueberries, given the recent importation of 1 billion honeybees trucked in from away to help ensure a hefty harvest.

“No bees, no blueberries,” said David Yarborough, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service’s wild blueberry specialist.

Field studies done in Washington County and elsewhere in Maine have shown that yields can be increased by as much as 1,000 pounds an acre for each hive servicing that acre, up to five hives per acre. Those results presume good weather, adequate soil moisture and good fertilization and pest management.

“There are usually about 55,000 hives trucked in each spring from places as far away as Florida, Texas and California,” Yarborough said. “With anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 bees per hive, that’s a billion bees. But, when it’s cold, wet and windy, like it has been lately in Washington County, they’ll stay in the hive and try to stay warm. When it’s sunny and warm and calm, they’ll work very hard.”

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