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Movento registered again

By John Palumbo, UA Research Scientist and Extension Specialist

On Oct. 15, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Movento (spirotetramat) has been registered for a second time.

Movento was first registered by EPA in June 2008, but EPA issued a cancellation order for the Movento registration in April 2010 that made it unlawful for the manufacturer, Bayer CropScience, to sell or distribute the product.

The cancellation order allowed for the use, sale, or distribution of existing supplies of Movento in the possession of retailers, distributors, and end-users under the provisions of the previously-approved label.

The previous Movento registration was terminated because of a judicial action related to a procedural failure by EPA – a failure to publish a notice of receipt of the spirotetramat registration application in the Federal Register.

The new registration has been anticipated for several months. A statement issued by the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs said, " After evaluating the application for registration and comments received from the publication of the notice of receipt for registration, EPA has determined that spirotetramat does not pose an unreasonable risk of adverse effects to human health or the environment if used according to the label directions and, as such, meets the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act standard for registration.”

Spirotetramat is registered for citrus, grapes, pome fruit, stone fruit, tree nuts, hops, Christmas tree plantations, and certain vegetables including potatoes.

The new registration will be available in the marketplace for the next growing season. It is our understanding that pending state approval by the Arizona Department of Agriculture, local growers may purchase inventory and use Movento under the new label.

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