Bagrada bug management tips for the low desert

By John Palumbo, UA Research Scientist and Extension Specialist

Bagrada bugs have shown up regularly on direct seeded and transplanted cole crops throughout the low desert. Numerous pest control advisers have reported the presence of adults on transplanted cauliflower and cabbage, plus seedling stands of broccoli.

Samples taken from cole crops in small experimental blocks at the Yuma Agricultural Center include up to 20 adults per 15 plants on four-day-old transplanted cabbage, and high levels of seedling damage in five-day-old broccoli stands where adult numbers have averaged as high as eight adults per 20 seedlings within 30 row feet.

Early trial results indicate that chemigation with bifenthrin (Discipline) at 6 ounces/acre provided 100 percent knockdown of Bagrada bug adults within 12 hours after chemigation in direct-seeded broccoli and transplanted cabbage.

Several trials are being initiated to assess control of Bagrada bugs with foliar- and soil-applied insecticides. Updates will be provided in the future.

For tips on Bagrada bug management based on field observations over the past year, click on this link:

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