The Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council (AGRPC) has allocated $45,000 in its fiscal year 2012-2013 budget to fund research projects to enhance the profitability of growing wheat and barley in Arizona.

The AGRPC is authorized to issue grants to finance studies, research projects, and programs which deal with the efficient use of fresh water, new grain variety development, plus production, harvest, and handling improvements.

Proposals which involve improving the profitability of grain production may be considered, including multi-year projects.

Application details are open to the public. The results of funded research will be made available to all Arizona grain producers.

Applicants for grants can access the granting process details at

Applications are due Aug. 20, 2012. Funds will be available in September for selected projects.

The AGRPC collects and administers assessments on wheat and barley produced in the state. Research funding usually constitutes about one-third of the annual AGRPC budget.

The entire application and selection process is subject to Arizona’s open meeting statutes and procedures.