AgraQuest Inc. has announced a new use for Requiem 25EC insecticide in leafy vegetables in California authorized under FIFRA Section 2(ee).

This use expands the sucking pest spectrum controlled to include western flower thrips.  Spinach is excluded from this recommendation.

Leafy vegetable growers have traditionally relied on Requiem to control aphids, whiteflies and leafminers.  Now, with the new recommendations, growers can control western flower thrips. 

Due to Requiem insecticide’s unique mode of action, it can be used in IPM programs to aid in the prevention of insect resistance.  Growers will also appreciate the flexibility of the Requiem label, including 4-hour restricted entry interval and 0-day pre-harvest interval.  

Requiem insecticide may be applied at rates ranging from 2 to 4 quarts per acre, depending on pest pressure. 

Since thrips will shelter in the hard-to-reach portions of the plant, Requiem should be used with appropriate spray nozzles and sufficient water volumes to ensure thorough coverage. 

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