“At some point in the future, most CE hours will be earned online. It is very convenient and time-saving,” he said. “The Farm Press courses are very comprehensive.”

“There is a growing number of producers or county permit holders utilizing the Farm Press program to maintain their county use permits now that many county agricultural commissioners have cut back on offering CE courses due to budget constraints,” Cline added. Many county agricultural commissioners direct growers to the pentonag.com website.

To complete a course, go to pentonag.com and register. The score on the quiz must be 70 or above to earn credit. A quiz may be taken over if the score is less than 70.

Farm Press tracks completions and notifies DPR, Arizona Department of Agriculture, ASA-CCA and county agricultural commissions of each person’s successful completion of a course.

When a person registers on the pentonag.com portal, he or she will be given a mailbox where all of the registrant’s completion verifications are housed. They will contain the numbers of completed courses. A portal registrant can print out a completion notice 24/7 for license renewal purposes.

Courses may be reviewed using this generic login: user name; tryingsystem; password: pentonag.

However, to complete a course for credit the licensee must be registered on the portal.

The portal can also be accessed at westernfarmpress.com by clicking on the continuing education tab. Registering for the Western Farm Press website will not get you to the CEU platform.

For more information, contact the CEU Administrator Cheryl Ogle at ceu@farmpress.com or 559-326-7405. She can also help those who have registered in the past and have forgotten their user name or password.

Pentonag.com also has a Facebook page.