1. From White Gold to Yellow Gold — Profound changes as agricultural land continues a march from cotton to corn. (Delta Farm Press)

2. Remains of the Gulag — Deep in Siberia, penal-colony prisoners still till the fields of Russia. (Daily Mail)

3. The Dogs that ate the Sheep Industry — A bullet to the head or heart brings $500 per dog — but it doesn’t matter, the wild dog hunters can't keep up. Feral dog numbers have reached epidemic proportions, leaving a livestock industry under siege. (Western Farm Press)

4. Rape in the Fields — Only a fraction of sexual harassment cases in agriculture make it to federal court. (Modern Farmer)

5. Where Corn is King, a New Regard for Grass-Fed Beef — In the four years since he settled, Prescott Frost has found himself set apart more than most. Where corn is king, he is on a quest to breed a better cow for the grass-fed beef industry. (New York Times)

6. A Beef with the 8 most Dangerous Foods — The dangers ain’t what they seem. (NPR)

7. When Nobody is Looking — Sixty percent of self-proclaimed vegetarians are eating meat on the sly? (Food Beast)

8. Farmer Finds Rare Meteorite in His Field — Farmer Bruce Lilienthal hit the jackpot when he found an odd rock on his land in 2011 — a 33-pound meteorite. (Star Tribune)

9. The Brilliant Colors of Farms and Fields — Photographer Larry Gerbrandt spent nine years capturing on camera luminous wheat fields and farms. (Daily Mail)

10. Old School Fermentation — Collaborations between scholars of ancient drink and independent brewers are resurrecting lost recipes. (New York Times)


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