The Bureau of Reclamation reports that although the upper Klamath Basin received a large influx of snow in March and early April, warmer than normal conditions have caused an early melt off, resulting in the loss of much of the projected Upper Klamath Lake inflows due to operational requirements. The most recent calculation of available water supply suggests a shortage of approximately 70,000 acre-feet of expected demand through the end of the irrigation season. 

It is possible that a significant amount of this shortage could be mitigated with incentives through Klamath Water and Power Agency's (KWAPA) mitigation programs, to both pump groundwater and to fallow certain lands later in the irrigation season. However, at this time, not enough lands have been identified for fallowing to avoid having to curtail water deliveries later in the year. The deadline for the land fallowing program is June 1 and Klamath Project contractors are encouraged to apply if they wish to be considered.

If water shortages are expected after consideration of the applications received, Klamath Project contractors will be notified in accordance with the 2012 Drought Plan.

Current water conditions and the Drought Plan are available at For more information, please contact Kevin Moore at 541-880-2557 or