The goal of a new vineyard survey is to determine grower, applicator, and pest control advisor perceptions and experiences related to herbicide‐resistant weeds in perennial cropping systems. This research is being conducted as a part of a larger project (Evolution and Management of Herbicide Resistant Weeds) which involves several UC Davis, UC Cooperative Extension, and Fresno State University faculty.


We will conduct a survey of at least 1,000 weed managers who work in California orchards and vineyards. In late 2010 and early 2011 we used a series of in‐person surveys at grower meetings. To expand upon that technique, we developed this web‐based survey which has a similar format and will be open from June 2011 through February 2012. Participation is voluntary, all data will be collected anonymously, and no personally identifying information will be kept or shared.

The survey, which should only take a few minutes to complete, includes a series of simple questions to gauge:

1. Demographics (respondent farming system, approximate acreage, and region)

2. Weed control practices used

3. Experience and concerns with herbicide resistant weeds

Impact on Weed Management

Once complete, the results of the survey will be presented to scientific and Extension audiences and will be used to help develop future research directions and Extension education programs to benefit growers and pest managers.

Compared to annual cropping systems in other parts of the country, there has been very little research on understanding the production impacts, economic consequences, or management changes imposed by herbicide resistant weeds in the unique perennial cropping systems in California.

Drawing for Weed and Crop Production Books

After the survey is completed in February 2012, we will draw the names of 15 participants to receive their choice of several UC Publications related to weeds, integrated pest management, or tree and vine crop production.

These high quality publications are 150‐250 pages and usually sell for $20‐80 each.

To participate in the drawing after completing the survey, you will have the option to go to another webpage where you can enter your name and contact information for the drawing as well as your preferred UC book. This information will not be directly associated with the survey responses to preserve anonymity.

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