The University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) just published its Vineyard Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards in Spanish. Held together with a sturdy rivet, this set of 50 pocket-sized laminated cards helps vineyard managers and their crews quickly identify and manage pest activity in the field.

Each set covers 41 common insects and mites, 11 diseases, 23 beneficial insects, and a variety of other disorders, weeds, and invertebrate pests. Each pest is identified by a description and high-quality close-up color photographs, with 244 photos in all. On the reverse side of each card is a description of the various life stages and monitoring tips. Each set also includes descriptions of natural enemies as well as a handy inch and metric measurement scale for easy measuring out in the field.

Originally published in English last year, these cards are now also available in Spanish. Each set is sold separately for $25.00 at for English language sets, or for Spanish language sets. Bundles of 1 English set and 5 Spanish sets are available for $75.00 at, 50 percent off of the retail price. Bundles of 1 English set and 1 Spanish set are available at for $40.00, 20 percent off of the retail price.

Other vineyard based publications from UC ANR are also on sale for the month of August, including the practical guide Cover Cropping in Vineyards, the useful booklet Mealybugs in California Vineyards, the newly published Organic Winegrowing Manual, and the colorfully illustrated Wine Grape Varieties in California. For more information visit or call (510) 642-2431.