From the Inside Tucson Business:

Those grapes you just bought at Safeway, Fry’s, Bashas’ or Albertsons probably haven’t taken the 5,250-mile trip from Chile. It’s quite possible, this time of year, they were on a vine a day or two ago near here, just a three hour drive south from Tucson.

The era of the Sonora table grape is at hand and it’s a good bet those Thompson Seedless, Flames, Perlettes, sugarones, red globes or black seedless you’re chomping are from the Caborca or Hermosillo areas.

An industry that did not exist 30 years ago now commands respect worldwide. This year, some 16.3 million, 19-pound boxes are being harvested with most coming through the U.S. Port of Entry at Nogales. The season started the first week of May and lasts about nine weeks.

Sonora accounts for 90 percent of Mexico’s table grape production. The state exports almost all of its production, dispatching several dozen brands to more than 30 countries. Some 10,000 acres are under cultivation today.

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