As the last of America’s three-leading agricultural counties issued its final crop values for 2013 the numbers are astonishing.

Kern County, Calif. released its final 2013 crop production numbers in mid-August and of the three counties – Fresno, Kern and Tulare – Kern’s production increase was the most modest at about 6 percent to over $6.76 billion.

While Fresno County was off 2.28 percent from its previous year value, neighboring Tulare County was up 25.7 percent to more than $7.8 billion because of record-high milk prices. Tulare County, Calif. produces more milk than most states.

In all, the three counties combined to produce more than $21 billion worth of agricultural commodities in 2013, $2 billion higher than the previous year’s figure. By comparison, the price paid to farmers for all agricultural commodities produced in Texas in 2012, including government payments, totaled more than $23.5 billion. Figures for 2013 were not available.

Boosted by a 3.1 percent increase in total grape acreage to 105,000, Kern County grape growers grossed more than $1.8 billion, $323 million more than they did the previous year, according to the annual crop report released by Kern County Agricultural Commissioner Ruben Arroyo.

The grape increase alone accounts for nearly 58 percent of the $557.49 million increase in total Ag value in Kern County between 2012 and 2013.

Arroyo indicated none of what appeared in the annual Ag report surprised him.