If California farmers needed an “ah-hah moment” to reveal the evils of environmentalism the current drought has surely provided it. Years of decisions by politicians and bureaucrats to send millions of acre feet of water through the Delta and out to the ocean in a foolish effort to protect worthless fish has wasted water that could have been stored and later used to ease the disastrous drought.

But the revelation goes far beyond the Delta, the drought and dimwitted politicians to the very sounding point of the disastrous environmental movement. Eyes have been opened to see the radicalism, spite and selfishness of those who lead and direct it. The fact that it has permeated the entire world enhances its long-range goals of dominance through destruction.

Nobody likes to feel, and much less admit, that he has been duped. In the case of environmentalism the admission involves a large percentage of the world’s population. Farmers, especially in California, have some admissions to make.


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Farmers should have been suspicious of the movement from the beginning, and most of them were, because it did include them and give them credit for generations of protection they have given the environment willingly. Nobody can work with the soil, water and climate as farmers must without being at least aware of the environment, perhaps on a daily basis. It was an insult to farmers not to be acknowledged as true environmentalists when the movement began to take shape.

Additional eyes were opened when farmers and other producers of essential products were singled out as enemies of the environment. Remember the rat case in Kern County when a farm owner was castigated because his tractor mangled a filthy rat as he cultivated a field?

Farmers are not the only ones to take note of the writings and preachments of environmentalist radicals, some of whom are in very prominent occupations and elevated positions. What comes through is their contempt for human life and those who help sustain it, people like farmers. Theirs is an outright contradiction of human commitment to the general welfare.