California Grapes International, Inc. will work with the American Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE to conduct a multi-day California wine event in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

"CGI" and the U.S. embassy plan to conduct a series of 4 strategic tasting events designed to develop and secure new trading lines and business ventures into the UAE for California wines.

The planned events are scheduled for the week of Feb. 20, 2012 and include specific targeted audiences of trade professionals, corporate buyers and regional distributors that generally understand and appreciate the value of California wines.

With the events being hosted or co-hosted by the American Business Council, American Chamber of Commerce, MMI (a leading Dubai distributor of California wines) and a special reception hosted by the U.S. Ambassador to the UAE, we are very excited about the opportunity and support for the establishment of ongoing trade relations in the UAE with quality offerings of California wines from California Grapes International, Inc.

"This opportunity presents an excellent platform to highlight samples from some of the very best U.S. wine producers who would not normally be exposed to a market like the UAE. The intent of this exchange is to introduce the diversity and quality of U.S. wines, not only to the UAE, but throughout the region," said Michael Burnett, commercial officer.

"The markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a tremendous location for education, promotion and exposure of the high quality wines being produced in California. As the largest import/export destination in the Middle East, it also provides for a very strategic location for opportunities into other untapped markets for CGI," said Jeffrey Crittenden, CEO of CGI.