However, the industry is not without issues. One of them is the value of the marketing order. In recent years, several commodity marketing orders have been dissolved, most notably citrus’ pro rate system, the tree fruit agreement and pistachios. The raisin industry several years ago dissolved its joint grower/processor marketing promotion commission. It has since been replaced by a similar commission funded solely by growers.

Goto acknowledged that there are some who contend now that the supply and demand of raisins is balanced, the RAC is no longer needed.

“I think that is pretty short sighted. We need to have this tool at the ready,” said Goto. He noted that the almond industry, one of the most financially lucrative crops in the state, still has its volume control order. It just has not been used with the remarkable sales of California almonds worldwide.

“We are looking at the RAC to see if changes are needed to modernize it," Goto said.