1. Mystery of the Lost Cow Tunnels

NYC’s meat tunnels are lost, forgotten, or just a myth? Heck of a great mystery. (Gizmodo)

2. The Wages of Crop Insurance Fraud

A farmer is headed to the pen for six years after a running a million-dollar crop insurance scam — and threatening to kill the investigating agent. (WRAL)

3. Drunken Day of the Dead Horse Race

First the riders sacrifice a chicken to bless the path they’ll race on, and vow to abstain from sex. Then they spend the entire night drinking beer and a potent Guatemalan liquor made from sugar cane called Quetzalteca. (Vice)

4. Broccoli’s Extreme Makeover

Can the produce industry succeed by stealing the junk food playbook? (NYT)

5. Changing of the Wine Guard

The international wine industry is shifting, and the old world is falling from the top perch. (The Telegraph)


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