1. Sunuvarancher

The New England Patriot’s Logan Mankins can grind it out with the best — and he gained his toughness growing up on a 10,000-acre ranch in California. (Daily Reporter)

2. 75,000 Acres for Free

It’s a bit of a tangle when a man wants to donate 75,000 acres and nobody wants it. (New York Times)

3. James Bond’s EPA

A fraud tale too ridiculous for fiction: James Bond ran loose at the EPA for over 13 years and nobody noticed. (WFP)

4. First-Ever Drone Arrest Case Ends

Cattle producer Rodney Brossart will serve six months of a three-year sentence after his involvement in the first-ever drone arrest case in U.S. history. (U.S. News & World Report)

5. Tech Firm Growing Grapes, Raising Pigs?

Chinese Internet companies are making money anywhere they can, even hogs and organic grapes. Maybe it’s not so surprising: Lenovo, the planet’s biggest pc maker, is already China’s No. 1 blueberry and kiwi distributor. (Fast Company)