6. The Sweet Grapefruit

In 1929, When A. E. Henninger noticed a red blush on in his grapefruit, he was looking at the blessings of mutation — and the road to a very tasty grapefruit. Long read on a sweet tale. (Texas Monthly)

7. Make Cheese, Not War

After 30 years of war in the DR Congo, a tiny factory is still churning out bathtub cheese. (BBC)

8. Farming with Saltwater

Greenhouse farming beside the sea? High capital starting costs, but at least it’s a drought-proof operation. (Bloomberg TV)

9. China’s Weight Gain Felt By Military

Two decades of better nutrition and it’s already time to chunk out the old camo and khakis. Chinese soldiers have grown 2 centimeters (.75 inches) in height and gained 5 centimeters (2 inches) in the waist. All that dairy consumption is about to cost the military: Extra inches means bigger equipment needed — even tanks and rifles. (China Daily)

10. 40 Acres and Internet Service

Living too far out in the country for a decent Internet connection? Outernet says the days of rural purgatory are over and wants to offer free WiFi-access from space. (Business Insider)


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